Bézi’s mission is to create highly effective, natural skincare products that are good for skin, soul and society.

Good for skin: since our skin is highly absorptive, Bézi uses only nutrient rich, 100% natural ingredients, no synthetics or fillers.
Good for soul: we believe that personal care is about dignity, not vanity. 
Good for society: our customers make a tangible difference in the lives of communities where Bézi’s key ingredients originate. Impact sourcing and profit sharing are integral to our business model.


Bezi founder Mitsi Sellers

Bio: Founder and creator Mitsi Sellers loved skin care but found hollow the prevailing messages of beauty and vanity. She was focused on more serious things: humanitarian work in less developed countries and dealing with a chronic health condition. As she worked and traveled around the world, she became a skin care explorer, seeking out the local ingredients prized for effectiveness and healing. She was introduced to highly nutritious, exquisite oils wild harvested by women’s cooperatives in Southern Africa. She saw an opportunity to create more effective, safer skincare products that would uplift source communities. 

Product line: Facial treatment oils for women and men that use rare, antioxidant and omega rich ingredients: marula oil, baobab oil, mongongo oil, moringa oil, argan oil and a blend of skin-loving essential oils. Each product is naturally loaded with ingredients that research shows are highly effective for skin health: vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F and essential omegas 3, 6 and 9. The superior oils absorb quickly without greasy residue while protecting against transepidermal water loss.

Women’s cooperatives in Zambia and Zimbabwe harvest the primary ingredients from trees growing across the savannas. Harvesters earn income that helps them send their children to school. Research shows that when women in economically poor areas make money, the whole community does better.

Brilliant Facial Oil is like a multivitamin for the skin. It is a powerful balancer, toner and moisturizer in one. Skin glows with health.
Polished Beard Oil is a combination skin and beard treatment for soft, nourished skin and gorgeous beard lustre.
Fearless Shave Oil is a deep skin treatment that protects the skin from razor irritation while softening and soothing.


Bezi Brilliant Facial Oil

 Bezi Polished Beard Oil

Bezi Fearless Shave Oil

Contact information: Mitsi Sellers can be reached at mitsi (@) or at 602.730.2394. For a link to more product images, contact us.