Bézi (bay-zee) combines rare phytonutrients from Africa with business practices that ensure mutual benefit from harvester to customer. This is our philosophy.

rare, natural ingredients  source for social impactrespect our world  honor people

Use rare, natural ingredients. Our skin is designed to absorb. What goes on, goes in. Bézi uses only natural ingredients that are brimming over with antioxidants and essential omegas. No synthetic chemicals or nasties, only phytonutrients. The wildcrafted ingredients in Bézi formulas are rare and, in a word, amazing. They are harvested in small batches from superfruit trees that only grow across the savannas of Africa. 

Source for social impact. Social impact is Bézi's passion, our beating heart. We are honored to play a part in the elevation of economically poor communities in Zambia and Zimbabwe through impact sourcing.

Impact sourcing means that we do business in a way that, in and of itself, helps uplift the source communities. We purchase ingredients harvested by rural women's cooperatives. Our goal is to treat and pay them well while helping them grow demand for their precious ingredients. Harvesters have told Bézi they want to make enough money to send their children to school. That is our goal, too.

Respect our world. We respect our marvelous earth by staying mindful of our environmental and zoological impact. This starts at the source. Harvesters gather fruit that has fallen from trees, leaving a remnant for the elephants, zebra and antelope to eat. Animals in turn spread digested seeds for more trees to grow. 

Of course, we do not test our products on animals.

While we cannot bring the Kalahari Desert any closer to North America, we minimize our carbon footprint by sourcing directly. This means our ingredients have fewer ports of call before they arrive to you in small, recycled and recyclable packages.

Honor humans. We think that self-care and grooming are expressions of our human dignity. We appreciate that you respect yourself, no matter your look, your ethnicity or your age. You have things going on. 

So do the harvesters. These ladies live in economically underdeveloped areas, but they have hustle, dreams and traditions worthy of honor. To acknowledge their role in the business and brand, Bézi is providing harvesters with profit shares in addition to payment for ingredients. This is not charity. We think it makes for just trade.