Founder Mitsi Sellers is a relief and development professional with a passion for skin care. When she lived in Africa, she was intrigued by how those she met used the resources around them to restore and enhance their dignity through grooming.

Over years of living, working and traveling in places around the world, she realized that grooming rituals are universal and profound. Grooming and personal care tap into deep emotions, social connections and instincts that have little to do with vanity.

barber shops in rural ZambiaBeset by sensitive, acne-prone skin, Mitsi spent years in search of effective skin care. Most products were irritating or had synthetic fragrances that caused headaches. She began using pure ingredients and discovered the benefits of oil for skin. Then she was introduced to powerful, pure oils from Southern Africa, her skin changed and Bézi (bay-zee) was born.   

Essential to Bézi are the women and men who live in remote villages and harvest fruit to extract their kernels for oil in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Global development research shows that money in the hands of mamas results in better outcomes for communities. Children are better nourished. Boys and girls complete more years of school. When mamas make money, they are a powerful force. We are honored to partner with them and connect our customers to them.