What makes Bézi the best beard oil?

We're glad you asked! Our ingredients are extremely high-quality, rare oils that are naturally loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, ceramides and essential omegas. Nearly all beard oils on the market use inexpensive oils that are heavy, greasy or sticky. By contrast, our customers get a deep skin and hair treatment resulting in loads of luster without greasiness. Besides, it's the only beard oil on the market with a strong social impact!

What makes Bézi the best shave oil?

We've formulated our shave oil as a powerful skin treatment and shaving aid. We worked with barbers and shaving product connoisseurs through dozens of prototypes to create an extremely effective shave oil. Our ingredients are high-quality, rare oils that are naturally loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, ceramides and essential omegas. Besides, it's the only shave oil on the market with a strong social impact!

What makes Bézi the best facial oil?

Our ingredients are amazing. While each one is an individual powerhouse, the combination is highly effective in balancing skin while reducing the appearance of age and the appearance of scars. Skin is incredibly soft and smooth. It radiates light and vibrancy. The oils are considered dry, meaning that they soak in quickly without leaving a greasy or sticky feel. And because the oils are harvested by cooperatives of women and men working in rural communities in Southern Africa, each Bézi bottle helps harvesters provide for their families.

How do I use beard oil?

Use sparingly, preferably on damp whiskers. Usually 1/2-1 pump will suffice. Rub oil in hands to warm. Work through your beard and skin, moving first in an upward motion and then smoothing down whiskers. Comb down with your fingers or a wooden comb. If you are shaving your neck, cover the skin in beard oil first for a more comfortable shave.

Check out the pictograms on our product page or text BEARD to 444999 for a video demonstration. 

How do I use shave oil?

Use one pump on clean, damp skin. Rub oil into your whiskers before, during or after showering. The product is flexible enough to accommodate your current rhythm, so do what works for you. If you use a multi-blade razor, layer on your shave cream or foam and shave as normal. Men using electric razors, safety blades or straight blades can usually use the oil solo for a close, comfortable shave. 

Check out the pictograms on our product page or text SHAVE to 444999 for a video demonstration. 

How do I use facial oil?

The facial oil is versatile! Most customers use it as a nightly moisturizer, using half a pump and applying to clean, damp skin. A little goes a long way, and it absorbs fully within 3-5 minutes.

Other customers use the oil as a combination cleanser and moisturizer at night or morning, applying 1 pump to damp or dry skin, rubbing in upward, circular motions to dissolve dirt or makeup, then wiping off with a cotton pad or wash cloth. When using as an integrated cleanser, toner and moisturizer, most customers do not require any additional moisturizer. It is not a SPF lotion, however, so use SPF over it for daytime use.

Check out the pictograms on our product page or text FACE to 444999 for a video demonstration. 

What's the difference between the beard oil and shave oil?

They both use exquisite, rare oils and provide effective care for whiskered skin. The beard oil is formulated to absorb quickly while providing excellent luster and protection for the beard. The shave oil is formulated to provide a protective, lubricating barrier to the blade. It is heavier than the beard oil, soaking in more slowly to accommodate shaving time. The beard oil and shave oil can stand in for each other in a pinch...so use the beard oil where you shave your neck. If you already use the shave oil and decide to grow a beard, use it to treat your beard.

Will it make my skin greasy?

Surprisingly, no! Each of the products uses dry oils whose molecular structure lets them absorb quickly into skin and hair. The facial oil was specifically designed for oily, combination and normal skin. Those with dry skin can even use the beard or shave oil over their entire faces or on dry patches. If it feels like the product is greasy, use less! A little of any of the three products goes a long way. 

Will it rub off on my clothes or pillow?

No, they absorb fully within 3-5 minutes after application. 

What does wild harvested mean?

We love this! The phytonutrients in our products come from oils pressed from the seeds and nuts of tree fruit. The fruit trees—trees like marula, mongongo and baobab—grow wild in the savannas of Southern Africa where humans live in close proximity to majestic animals like elephants and antelope. There are no tree plantations, just trees scattered or clustered where the seeds fell. Women and men working in cooperatives trek out into the bush to collect fruit fallen from these trees. They then extract the nuts or seeds using methods passed through generations.

Is it all-natural?

Absolutely! Many of the ingredients are also certified organic.