a higher standard

It is not enough for products to be all natural.

I take for granted that skincare and grooming products should come from plants, with no synthetic chemicals, petroleum ingredients or other nasties. Of course products should not be tested on animals.

But that's not enough. I want to know that the ingredients themselves are excellent...that they have the properties shown by scientific studies as effective for healthy, ageless, luminous skin and hair.

Plant-based oils vary remarkably in their molecular structures, vitamin and lipid profiles. Most inexpensive oils on the market are greasy or sticky. They stay on top of the skin or hair. Some essential oils can be sensitizing or irritating to skin, especially when they come into contact with the sun. I researched and experimented to find highly effective, skin loving ingredients suited for the faces of men and women. I chose dry oils from the botanical bounty of Southern Africa, oils that penetrate well and leave a smooth finish. I did a LOT of experimentation with fine oils before deciding on the Bézi blend. Men, women, barbers, stylists and chemists weighed in on everything from skin feel to absorption rate. We stopped when they said: I LOVE it!

And even that is not enough. We want to know where the ingredients originate and what difference it makes.

Most brands have no clue where their ingredients come from. By contrast, Bézi uses wild-harvested oils that we sourced directly from places like Zambia and Zimbabwe. I have visited harvesters in remote villages and learned how it matters to them to harvest marula, baobab and mongongo kernels. What I learned: they use the income for household necessities and, if they can grow their businesses by selling their premium ingredients, they will be able to afford to send their children to school. This means that Bézi customers directly impact households across the world in Southern Africa.

Why not make a difference if we can?

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