it's the man

dad with beard and child, best beard oil for black men

As Father’s Day approaches, stand-up, dive-in men have been on my mind. 

A distinctive characteristic of my male customers is that they love their people.

They build community around them. They volunteer and host and connect. If they are family men, they talk with appreciation and respect about their wives or partners. They reach for their children. They are active and thoughtful, creative and adventurous. They are entrepreneurs and leaders and dads. They invest in people. They show compassion. All of that and style, too.

Impressed much? Yes, I am. 

It is not the beard that makes the man. Not the shave. Not the cut, not the clothes. The man makes the style, not the style the man.

To all of you men who through your actions and character shape the space and people around you...

To all you men who inspire, reassure, and make way for other people...

To all you men who show up and stand, sometimes with misty eyes and sometimes with a pit in your stomach... 

I salute you. It is an honor to make fine products for you and share this world with you.

To celebrate fabulous men and fathers this week, Bézi is running a giveaway of our Polished Beard Oil, Fearless Shave Oil or Brilliant Facial Oil. Nominate men you admire by tagging them and following Bézi on Instagram or Facebook: @beziskin or on Twitter @bezitweets.

Five winners will be drawn on June 20 from those men nominated by June 19. Winners must be 18 or older and have a US shipping address. 

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